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things we keep

It is 1953 in Charleston, South Carolina and Eudora’s life is about to change.

Eudora Grace Gadsden’s life has been planned for her since birth: private school, cotillion, social debut, and an engagement at the end of her Season. Generations of Gadsden women have flourished in society, with these advantages, and Eudora’s life will be no different.

But what if the life she’s expected to live is not the one she wants?


When her attempts to change her destiny goes awry, Eudora finds herself alone, without the safety net she’d taken for granted all her life. To build the life she wants, she’s forced to rely on herself and what she knows: the rich history of her city and her own hidden strength. But Eudora is still a woman bound by the rules of her class and time. To deviate from the path set for her is to risk losing everything.

How far is she willing to go to create a different future?

Book no.1
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